How A Hair Transplant Treatment Went Wrong Got Corrected!..

To introduce myself I happen to be a doctor, and then had hair loss at a young age, and the begins the search for a hair transplant clinic, the most important decision about Hair transplant treatment I learned the hard way is not a brand but the doctor who does it and the technique they use.

My first surgery was done after reading an advertisement in the paper about a so-called chain of clinics who claimed they were big on hair transplant in Hyderabad, the results left me devastated.

As you can see poor growth and terrible scars following so-called scarless painless hair transplant that they advertised.




Then I happened to be referred to Dr. Vivekanand at Cosmeticstudio by a friend of mine, who had done his transplant there and was happy with his results.

I underwent a second hair transplant with Neograft automated  FUE, and the results are pleasing for sure.

FUE Hair Transplant Treatment:


Immediately after the second sitting of 1500 grafts.


we all forget about Doctor and techniques they follow to create results, in both the cases the procedure was FUE, it is so easy to get carried away at times with fancy advertisements only to regret that the doctor operating on you is not an experienced doctor, but a junior just working his way up.

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