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  • Bangalore facelift clinic Dr.Vivekananada Bhatt

Face Lift Surgery / Treatment Bangalore

As you age, your facial muscles loosen and your skin becomes less elastic, creating folds and lines. A face-lift operation can give you a more youthful appearance by reducing saggy skin and wrinkles. Face-lifts can lift your whole face, or just your brow area, lower face, or neck.

The effects of a face-lift usually last for seven to 10 years. Your face will continue to age. You’ll get the best results if you maintain a stable body weight, have skin with good levels of elasticity, don’t smoke and have good bone structure.

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  • " How sensitive people can get with hair loss hit me hard, it resulted in depression for which i needed treatment "

  • " When I started getting hair loss at a young age. My concern was how to get it back, I tried a lot of stuff-hair oils,"

  • " I started getting hair thinning and reduced densities at age of twenty on wards, so started keeping my hair short, "

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