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Best Four Dimensional Body Sculpting Treatment

Four dimensional body sculpting Introduction

Always yearned for a perfectly toned body with muscle markings visible as what we all call 6 pack abdomen ,but if you do not have one here is an option, the highest form of liposculpture is called 4 dimensional vaser body sculpting,where fat is removed from certain areas and grafted in other areas to create sculpted looks.

Beauty or lack of it plays a crucial role in every individual, it determines our perception of ourselves, and usually success in business and career.

From the traditional Greco roman beauty commonplace changes are seen depending upon factors like economics and fashion.

In the 18 century, the complete figured buxom girls were thought of to be the epitome of beauty, in 1970 this modified to slender and angular, and now it is towards a work athletic body.

It is a known factor that concerning 6% of the population have the genetic make up to own a wonderfully muscular body with the 6 pack Abdomen, and as for the remainder regardless of dieting and exercising lack this toned look.

Four dimensional Liposculpture could be a technique that few cosmetic surgeons have mastered worldwide and it's a differential liposuction thatends up in well toned bodies, it had been developed to handle the massive demand for a procedure to naturally reproduce an athletic male or feminine body.

Who are ideal candidates for this procedure?

We want people who are dieting exercising and have a BMI of less than 30 with moderate to smart muscle tone to achieve sensible results.

What is Liposculpture?

Liposculpture, refers to a procedure of fat removal through small incisions by using cylindrical cannulas of differing sizes, Liposculpture begins with fat extraction and then transferring this fat to regions of the body that need further volume like buttocks or breast region.

What's the difference between Vaser and power assisted liposuction and which is the most effective techique?

The use of additional technology to facilitate fat removal and cut back post operative swelling and improve results in future has resulted in lesser downtime and higher surgical results in terms of skin tightening.

Vaser uses patented ultrasound technology to liquefy the fat, it does not damage blood vessels, nerve fibers and skin ,the liquefied fat is then sucked out under low pressure to deliver fat loss.

Power assisted liposuction is on the other hand a modified version of old liposuction, where in extra power is delivered to cannula to make fat removal easy however there is no liquefaction of fat prior to suction and i am always more comfortable when fat is liquefied before suction .

Four Dimensional Body Sculpting Treatment Before After

Body contouring procedures improves the form of the body and it takes regarding 3 months for the final results to be visible, and the final rule is longer the compression clothes are worn better can be the final results.

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