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Causes Of Hair Loss

There are numerous causes of hair loss:

Burns and other causes of scalp scarring can also result in permanent hair loss. Alopecia areata is a condition where hair loss can occur in patches on the scalp. Another condition seen in some women, which results in shedding of full-length hair for years, is known as chronic telogen effluvium, and its cause is unknown.

Ageing is known to cause hair loss in men and women usually after the age of 50, and it affects the entire scalp. The most common form of hair loss is termed as ‘androgenetic alopecia’, affecting both men and women and characterized by loss of hair usually in front and top of the scalp. This results in younger patients looking much older than they are. In men, this can result in hair loss on the front and top of the scalp, while sparing the sides and back of the hair. With time, the hair becomes thinner and finer, and ultimately stops growing.

Commonly blamed factors like use of water, shampoos, helmets, play no role in these forms of hair loss. People also tend to shave their hair thinking it makes it stronger but this is not true.

The cause of androgenetic male / female pattern hair loss lies in a combination of genes and hormones. The genes for baldness can be inherited from either parents, and it may even skip generations.

Testosterone, the male hormone, gets converted to di-hydro testosterone, which weakens the roots of the grafts. This makes them thinner and causes it to ultimately stop growing, resulting in hair loss. In females, it is caused by androgens and oestrogen metabolism in hair follicles.

How does Androgenetic Hair Loss Proceed?

Once it sets in, it can be a continuous slow process where the hair in front and top slowly start to vanish, or it could happen in short bursts. As hairs on the sides and back are not affected by the disease process, they are used for transplants in front

Treatments :

Hair transplant surgery is the only permanent solution to androgenetic hair loss, as medical treatments like finasteride or minoxidil can only help to slow down the process of hair loss.

Laser therapy has been found to be less effective in treating androgenetic hair loss.


3000 graft FUT

2500 graft surgery

Follicular unit hair transplant with strip.

Naturally growing, undetectable hair growth is now possible with advances in hair transplant surgery, by using microscopic dissection of hair follicles from a strip.

This involves excision of a strip from the back of the scalp, which is sutured with absorbable stitches. This strip is then dissected under operating microscopes to yield follicular units, before being carefully transplanted into bald or thinned out areas of the scalp.

Advantages of the strip technique include –

Some clients require about 2 to 3 sittings to achieve optimal density, while clients with continued hair loss may require further sittings in the future, depending on how much of donor area is available.

After the surgery, crusts develop and fall off after 10 days. Hair growth starts after 3 months and is completed in 9 months.

The success rate is very high but in some cases optimal density may take 2 sittings.

The most important step in hair transplant is placement and angulations of the graft, that makes natural looking hair transplants possible.

The hair growth is permanent as these follicles are genetically resistant to thinning in future.

2000 graft FUE for front hairline; one sitting done with second sitting planned for back portion of the scalp.

2000 plus FUE surgery; one sitting.

Neograft is a suction assisted follicular unit hair extraction surgery that automates the process of extraction .

Neograft is the best automated hair extraction device needing human intervention in the market. It automates the FUE procedure to deliver grafts that are superior to conventional manual FUE machines.

FUE involves removing individual follicular units, one by one, hence it is easier to pick up grafts that have more hairs in them – the 2 / 3 / 4 grafts.

The procedure requires the head to be shaved and grafts extracted, and implanted the same way as with strip.

Post-op care and growth is more or less is similar to that with strip.

Ideal cases for FUE

Why choose us?

Any client who needs a natural looking hair transplant surgery under a highly trained and experienced surgeon should look no further for their hair restoration treatment. Especially those in search of one who personally attends to all the steps of the surgery, and does not leave it to technicians.

While good results are expected in most, it is unethical and impossible for us to guarantee it. Some individuals may require additional sittings to achieve their optimal density. Furthermore, any surgical treatment bears risks so you should discuss it with your doctor and take a second opinion, if required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are hair transplants safe?

Yes, it is, provided there are no risk factors that are beyond normal levels, even with patients having pre-existing illnesses like diabetes, hypertension etc. However, clients who have undergone angioplasty, smokers with ECG changes, clients with high sugar levels or blood pressure levels are advised to get it controlled before surgery. Since hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery and not an emergency surgery, it is advisable for clients who have undergone any psychiatrist treatments for depression or anxiety to kindly let us know so that adequate measures can be taken to keep you comfortable.
We always use an anaesthetist to monitor you during the earlier stages of the procedure, for your comfort and safety.

Is a hair transplant worth it?

Yes, it is in clients who are realistic with their expectations. It is not possible to match the density one had prior to hair loss but the difference it makes is apparent.

How many sittings are required?

Depending upon one’s expectations of what an optimal density is, which varies in individuals, one or two sittings may be required. This will be discussed during the consultation.

Are hair transplants painful?

Not really, as we sedate patients and pain is felt only during injections. After that it is painless, and analgesics are advised to cover you for a few days.

Is there scarring ?

In strip technique, a scar will form at the back of the scalp. In most patients, scarring is minimal after the trichophytic closure, but this also needs a very good density to work so it will be visible if the head is shaved. At times, a small FUE may be required to camouflage the scar, or we even suggest micropigmentation for the scar to be hidden.
There is no visible scarring seen in FUE.

Who is a good candidate for surgery?

Any person who has a very good density in the donor area of the scalp is a good candidate for hair restoration. People with dark hair and dark skin colour of the scalp look better as there is less contrast. People with curly hair do better than ones with straight hair. It is important to note that hair restoration never achieves the thick density one had prior to hair loss or may not cover the entire scalp in people with severe balding.

Are hair transplant results guaranteed in terms of growth?

With medical science, with the best of training, and even if performed correctly, no doctor can ethically guarantee that great results will happen in all clients in a single sitting, every time. In the rare event that some grafts fail to yield hair after a sufficient time span, we assure you that those grafts will be replaced at no further graft cost to client, provided there is enough donor area available for us to deal with.

Consult Us

A consultation takes about 20 to 30 minutes during which the various options are suggested, hairlines created, number of grafts calculated, a hair analysis machine which magnifies the scalp is used to see the quality of grafts,

Depending upon the problem either medical or surgical treatments are planned, feel free to consult us for a no obligation hair restoration surgery.

You can also consult us through skype for a consultation fee of 750 rupees at a predetermined time.

Before & After Gallery

One common question we face is

How can we be made sure we get the numbers you promised; and what about the results?

We do not mind spending money but we should see hair growth. we have the answers to all your questions when you come down for a consultation. Its saddening to note of late quite a few of you only call up and ask how much do you charge per graft.

Which means you are shopping around for deals, however this is not consumer products you are buying where in the same quality is maintained, from one shop to another, this is for a cosmetic surgery and here it is important you spend time to satisfy yourself that the place you have chosen can deliver the realistic result you seek, and all this is not possible by simply calling the clinic.

Money may be important, however what people forget to ask is
  • Who is the doctor who does the surgery?
  • What is his experience?
  • How many surgeries has he done?
  • Where has he been trained?
  • and how can I trust him to deliver the results I need
  • How can I be assured I will get the numbers I need realistically?
  • How different are your results from others
  • And what are the techniques you use to deliver good results?
How many clinics are there where in the operating doctors take part in all the stages of hair transplant?
  • that is removal of the strips or extracting the grafts
  • making the cuts
  • and implanting all the grafts

Very few to be honest, most of the clinics use technicians to do this job, and why you may ask – the reason is it is a back breaking job to sit and make 2000 to 4000 cuts on the head and then sit and plant them one by one, at my center I (Dr. Vivek Bhat) personally see to it that I involve myself in all the steps of hair transplant surgery, and implant most of the grafts myself which is why we are able to deliver consistent results in all our clients, and all this is due to the passion I have to deliver results which keeps me going on from the last 9 years.

Hair transplant needs to be learnt as it is not taught in medical schools, and for this you need a good teacher as you can’t try out this procedure on your patients and treat them like guinea pigs, a very classical case is few of my clients who ventured out to get their hair transplants done in a state government hospital only because it was cheap, the results left them horrified as the surgery was done by trainee doctors. What was interesting was that the growth of follicles was poor, and the hair were growing in all possible directions one can see, while we can’t blame the doctors as they are learning, it was a tragedy for the clients who had to seek corrective surgery from more experienced doctors hence the advise when you do it once get it done right.

What sets us apart from the competition we face is that Cosmetic Studio deals in delivering hair transplants that look very natural and undetectable to others, I stared doing hair transplants from 2006 onward, my first guru was Dr. Humayun who was at time one of the best hair transplant surgeons in this region. He is the one who has operated on famous cricket players like Rana Naveed Ul Hassan and Saeed Ajmal. He was instrumental in teaching me the basics of hair transplant surgery. The next step I took was to get trained in microscopic dissection of hair follicles under Dr. Russel Knudsen -Ex President of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, and then Dr Yvess Crassas, in Lyon France a pioneer in follicular unit extraction to master this technique.

Hence it is this huge training experience and the passion to do a good hair transplant surgery which has helped all my clients to get predictable results.

The last question we all need to answer is are all your clients happy -as with any procedure if realistic expectations are there good results can be expected. I can honestly say that there have been about 3 cases in last 5 years out of the large numbers we have done who have been disappointed with their hair growth results, while the rest of them have all been happy with their outcome.

This is caused by a hormone called Di Hydro testosterone, about three percentofTestosterone the male hormone gets into the skin where it gets converted to Di Hydro Testosterone and this hormone attacks the hair roots and causes it to become weak and produce hair which are thin in nature, thin hairs are not cosmetically good hairs and if untreated ultimately the roots do not manufacture any hair at all.

This process cannot be reversed in later stages and the only option is a hair transplant surgery. The hormone DHT does not interfere with the hair roots in back portion of the scalp ,and even the most baldest of persons always have a fringe of hair that still grows, this is because they are resistant to DHT, and if these Follicular units are removed from the back and transplanted into the front they grow, they do not usually become thin and remain for life. This is the basis on which a hair transplant surgery works.

We get frequent mails saying people are loosing a lot of hairs and they are in need of a hair transplant surgery, what is worrying is that these are people may not need one. It is necessary to know why there is an unusual Hair Loss and medicines are required to treat this. As in hair loss the roots survive with proper treatment it is possible to get hair growth back. It is a fact that all hair grow, then fall and grow back again. It is normal for people to loose hair everyday, however when large number of hair are shed then this needs medical treatment.

Once hair thinning starts this is worrisome, if prompt medical treatment is not started then surgery becomes the only option.

Does Stem Cell Injections help?

We all see lots of advertisements in papers regarding Stem Cell Injections for hair growth -the reality is that there are no approved Stem Cell Injections for hair growth in the market today. The latest ICMR guidelines say it is illegal to use Stem Cells to treat hair loss. None of them do justice for the money spent, most of the injections only have for biochemical growth factors for hair and have no Stem Cells in them, a few trials of injecting actual stem cells in an attempt to bring about hair growth have all been a failure to date according to my humble opinion. Though I stand to be corrected, yet we see people spending huge amounts on this only to see failures when this same amount could have been spent on Hair Transplant Surgery which yields predictable results.

The role of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) in hair thinning?

Blood when centrifuged yields a small quantity of buffy coat called PRP which many claim can be used for Hair Loss and anti aging treatment for reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, when done the right way and in the presence of hair roots it may make a difference, however when injected onto bald areas our experience with PRP has been poor.

Does Low level laser light help?

Laser Light may help in hair loss but has proven not to work in hair thinning ,there has been no clinical trials in multiple centers to prove that laser light helps to grow hair in hair thinning,and we do not recommend this to our clients.

There are two techniques available for hair restoration.
Hair transplant using follicles from a strip of hair removed obviously from the back (Strip Method).
Follicular Units that are extracted using devices from back (Follicular Units Extraction or FUT).

What is a Follicular Unit ?

Just like trees have multiple roots and branches hair follicles can have multiple roots but one root produces only one hair, however each follicle is an individual entity and it must be preserved as such when dissecting it from a strip, hence we have Folliculr Units which may have one, two, or three roots and they produce one two or three hair respectively, an average scalp has about 50 percent of follicles which are double and rest of 50 percent is made of singles and 3s, predominantly singles.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant with a strip.

Advantages of this technique is that up to 3000 to 4000 grafts are available in a single sitting which can restore large areas with good density in first sitting itself, a strip of hair contains hair roots and skin which is removed from the back of scalp, and the resultant gap is then sutured to close the gap in the skin from where the strip has need removed, at our clinic we use video microscopes to dissect this strip into individual Follicular Units, which may contain 1,2 ,or 3 hair roots ,these follicles are then transplanted into front making small slits from 0.7 mm to 1mm in size to fit in these follicles at an average density of 35 to 40 follicles per square centimeter.The hair growth from this technique is better compared to extraction, as more stem cells are preserved around the follicles, when cut properly and inserted into the slits made with out damaging the grafts. A large number of grafts are available for transplant compared to follicular unit extraction technique.

What are the problems one may face with this technique?

Some of my patients especially ones who do a lot of research online have one comment to make. “What about the scar that develops after the skin closure on the back?”. The answer to this is to go for Trichophytic closure technique where in the scar which forms is not much visible as hair grow through it, however in the event the scar does form it is easy to make it less visible. By transplanting about 200 grafts with a Folliclur Unit Extraction technique, which helps to conceal the scar.

What is realistic number that one can expect with this technique in terms of number of grafts?

With a strip there are two factors which determine how many can be removed
Density of follicles per square centimeter-which can average from 60 to 100 plus
Length of the strip -which can vary from 20 centimeters to 28 centimeters which is max we have gone in our clinic
Width of strip-which can vary from 1.5 to 2.5 plus centimeter which is dependent on how loose the skin on the scalp is.


Calculating number of grafts?

Multiplying the length and width will give the total sq centimeter which when multiplied by density gives the number of grafts. So if the strip is 20 centimeters long and 1.5 centimeter in width, we get a strip that is 30 square centimeter in size, if this person has a density of 80 follicles we get 2400 follicles from this strip, if the density is 100 grafts then 3000 is the total one can expect.So in doubt, please see the size of the strip removed and if possible get the density counted before the surgery this helps in clearing the biggest doubt all clients face -how many grafts did my doctor actually transplant.In our clinic an immediate post surgery photo is also taken which can be passed onto clients as this also helps in re-assuring clients regarding numbers transplanted .

How many number of grafts do I need?

I have clients who were advised about a specific number of grafts from some other clinic or who form a self opinion based on internet surfing, regarding numbers of grafts required. A simple way is to find out the total area of baldness that they have and to multiply this by about 40 grafts, this is a reasonable number that can be done with good cosmetic results in one sitting, on an average about 4500 to 5000 plus grafts in two sittings is feasible in most severe cases, to cover a significant area of baldness in Indians and Asians.

If the baldness is less, about 1500 to 2500 does the job most of the times. Between 1-2 sittings can achieve good results in most clients who do have at least 4500 to 5000 grafts available from the donor area.

How are the Follicular Unit Grafts inserted into the bald areas?

Prior to insertion a small cut has to be made, the size of the cut varies from 0.7 mm which fits the single hair root containing grafts which are small in size and this increases to 1 mm to fit the bulky 3 hair containing Follicular Unit, though various techniques are available including so called implanters with no touch technique which we used to use at one point of time we still use the time tested technique of making cuts and manually inserting the grafts. With specialized insertion forceps, implanting thousands and thousands of grafts in each client for years has made us very efficient in inserting grafts precisely with out damaging it. We have thrown out the implanters which we find is more of a nuisance value as it prevents dense packing of grafts and is more of a gimmick to draw in clients.

Angulation of grafts

Hair transplant surgery may sound simple to all however it is all about understanding angles at which the hair exits from the skin, and if this is understood then there will be less damage when removing the grafts from the donor area and also creating the right angles at which they grow in front of the head,this comes from getting trained from pioneers in hair transplant surgery and doing a large number of cases so that perfection is achieved,unlike other surgeries hair transplant was not taught in medical school when we graduated way back in nineties, so we all had to learn this the hard way which came by getting trained abroad and we were lucky to get ourselves trained from the best there were, not understanding the angulations can results in bad transplants.
Realistic expectations makes the ultimate difference.

Does Hair Transplant Surgery makes you look younger?

Yes it does, however if you are in your thirties and you bring me a photo when you were 18 and expect me do bring you to this level is it possible? Realistically speaking NO.

Hence Hair Transplant gives good results in all people with realistic expectations and poor results in people who think that it will give them the same density they had prior to hair loss. One should remember the fact that on an average about 25 to 30 square centimeter of strip has enough grafts that will cover may be 100 square centimeter of bald areas hence the density drops to about 30 percent, but this is enough to deliver good results in hands of an experienced hair restoration surgeon.

What happens immediately after a transplant?

For the first one week we advise a to keep the grafts moist. Hair wash can be done after 7 days gently to remove the scabs which will fall of in next few days. If a strip has been removed then healing is completed by 10 days.

What happens in first month, after hair transplant surgery?

Most of the grafts fall of, the remain start to grow.

What happens in first 3 months, hair transplant?

There is no noticeable difference in first three months.

When do the grafts sprout and produce hair?

It takes 3-9 months for the grafts to sprout out and hair growth to take place which grows at rate of 1 mm a day. Most of the clients will have the first hair cut of transplanted hair in 9 months time.

Will scars be visible on the front?

If good techniques are used to transplant grafts there is hardly any scarring seen.

Are any medications prescribed in first 9 months of Hair transplant?

Yes we do advise medications to increase the hair growth for nine months.


A brief presentation on Follicular Unit Hair Transplant with a strip. a few steps to help understand what exactly is a strip technique
Obviously as the word implies a strip of hair with roots is surgically removed from the back portion of the scalp, the length & width depending upon the number of grafts, why the back portion?, is because these follicles are not destroyed by hormone Di hydro testosterone.

If you see the hair follicles, these are thick and are producing thick hairs compared to the front in the same person. Here the grafts are dead and no hair growth is seen. A strip of hair with roots is removed.


You can see the hair roots enveloped in fat. These are the cut under the microscopes to produce individual hair follicles here you can see a cluster of hair follicles some with one root some with two and some with three.
The strip of hair removed is the stitched back to close the gap in the scalp, using Trichophytic closure. The next step is to make fine cuts in the scalp into which these are transplanted.


Resultant scar at the back is minimal with our modified Trichophytic closure, a fact lot of people are concerned with.


You can hardly notice the scar, however healing in persons can vary and resultant scar depends upon how many grafts are removed, and how good or bad you heal with scarring. A step by step approach on a hair transplant on our clients include.

After 3 months. You will see that most of the grafts have fallen off. The next picture was taken after 7 months.

With the hair growth yet to complete as this may take upto 9 months. Cosmetic Studio is proud of the fact that we get a lot of international clients who find us cheaper and we have dealt with all types of surgery including Asian ,African curly hair types and Caucasian hair types as well.


Advantages of Strip
  • Huge number of grafts available for transplant so larger areas can be covered.
  • Hair growth is thicker and higher quality of grafts compared to other techniques.
  • Up to 4000 grafts can be transplanted in one sitting.
  • The entire procedure is handled by me so we can deliver consistent results.


This technique has with stood time and still remains the best way to get hair back with minimal scarring on the back with the right technique, however even if the scar at back is not acceptable to few, revision of the scar can be done, in today’s internet knowledge we have clients who bring us video of hair transplant only to find out they have no clue as to what the video represents and where they do stand.

It’s still advisable not to get carried away through fancy advertisements and get the right advise from doctors as not everything on net is gospel truth, for example its always been my dream to be a pilot, and I have about 5000 hours of flying experience on flight simulators at home, I do fly a variety of air-crafts on my computer but I can sadly say I won’t be able to deal with any flying in real world based on this experience, though there has been occasions when I do get to meet pilots as my clients they happen to be impressed with my knowledge on flying!

Its scary for us when clients come in and dominate the consultation claiming superior knowledge to doctors, based on so called internet studies, my advise would still be proceed with caution, and good results will follow.

There has been a lot of hype in market nowadays with huge advertisements promoting this technique. We advise to proceed with caution.
This technique involves removal of one follicle at a time instead of removing a strip which then has to be cut into follicles, here a ready to use follicle is extracted which does not need further dissection. Cosmetic Studio was one of the first few clinics world wide to start with Neograft follicular unit extraction for Hair Transplant, way back in 2007. This automated technique is still the most advanced version till date where in the device makes a cut on the skin and the entire follicle is then sucked out of the scalp by the device, in first few years we vary extracting up to 1000 grafts, with experience we have now gone up to 3000 grafts, If clients need more than this then we need a second sitting after 3 months.

Advantages of extraction include
  • No pain post surgery
  • No scars post surgery
  • Good procedure if requirement is about 2000 grafts
Disadvantages of extraction technique.

There was a time when only experienced hair transplant surgeons were getting into extraction technique, the reason being it takes time to mature in this field and it is easy for an experienced hair restoration surgeon to pick up this technique, however now even beginners have started doing extraction, while there is nothing wrong with this, the problem lies in fact that almost all of them are doing extraction only using a motorized punch where in the entire path of the follicle needs to be predicted as this punch will cut not only the skin but extend into the follicle itself. In short there is a major difference between Neograft extraction and a Mmotorized punch in that Neograft only cuts the skin and graft is pulled out by the machine where as in a motorized punch after cutting the skin the graft has to be pulled out manually and this can cause either damage to the graft or can cut the graft into two pieces and yield a follicle which does not grow well and produce poor results. So extraction is totally dependent on the experience of the doctor and the devices used for extraction.


FUE-Neogarft Introduction

An average scalp in Indian clients has enough follicles up to 2000 to 3000 of which can be extracted, if required, these numbers are enough to cover grade 3-4 of the baldness pattern, and is definitely not a procedure of choice in people who require more than 3000 follicles in best of times, yet we find a lot of inquiries for this technique not realizing that if less number of grafts are inserted in severe baldness the results will be bad all the time.


Compared to motorized punches which most of the clinics use is in the fact that the punch cuts through the skin and follicle which can be damaged to a higher extent in the process, resulting in less than ideal results.

Neograft being an expensive machine with higher costs for blades and disposables, produces high quality grafts compared to motorized punches. However the cost factor also shoots up hence we request our clients to compare costings between two clinics who offer similar Neograft technology and not with a clinic which offers a motorized punch to do their surgeries, the punches in motorized gadgets cost hardly about 1000 rupees per piece and few of these when used do not shoot up the costs of surgery, however each blade of Neograft costs us about 10,000 plus, depending on size, which when added to cost of other accessories adds to cost of procedure, however this marginal increase is worth the money spent.


One week after a 2000 graft follicular unit extraction on donor region.

Who are ideal candidates for FUE?
  • Having thick hair in donor region.
  • Requirement of about 2000 grafts to 3000 grafts to complete the surgery.
  • Clients who are willing to shave the entire back portion of scalp.


2000 graft surgery by FUE .

A wrong procedure resulting in a poor result done in a clinic outside Bangalore illustrates the importance of choosing the right doctor and right procedure.


Why bad because

His requirement is huge about 5000 grafts,to the best of my knowledge i can see a few hundred grafts on his head,
You will see a few grafts have been scattered on his scalp in the best of times how many hairs do you expect these grafts will produce -very few for this type of hair loss.


If you see the donor region a maximum of 1000 to 1500 would be possible by FUE if done in a good transplant center, however as his requirement is huge this is a small number for him and FUE should have been rejected in this person. So what made the doctor go ahead it could be an inexperienced doctor or the client may have forced the doctor to do FUE only ,however this patient was bitter with the experience and in our clinic we would have rejected FUE as the first treatment of choice for him ,remember realistic results are possible when realistic expectations can be met.

Ideally this person should have undergone a strip technique which would have yielded about 2500 plus grafts in first sitting, with the doctor explaining the limitations of FUE which did not happen resulting in a unhappy client, these are the same who then go on forums and say hair transplant does not work, or FUE is a bad procedure which is not true in both cases, as a strip would have been better procedure and would have delivered good results in an experienced hair clinic, and if the patient was told what a realistic result was possible in this case.

We at times get request saying I need 3500 grafts and I need an extraction technique for this, is this feasible in one sitting? My answer would be a -YES,

It is provided it is done in stages and there is enough to extract from the back provided the donor area has a high density which can support this ,otherwise at the best of times about 2500 to 3000 can be done,we then wait to see how the hair grows back in the donor region to see if more can be extracted,otherwise there will be a significant loss in donor area making it look bald as well then follow it up with.

In my clinic I follow a set pattern where in all the parts are done by myself. Removing the strip or extracting the grafts, making the cuts, and inserting most of the grafts myself so that we can assure you the best of results all the time. We do not have a franchisee as I believe it is not possible to maintain good results this way.

Disclaimer : Hair transplant results may vary person to person.

Seven out of 10 men and 3 out of 10 women suffer from what is termed as Androgenetic Hair Loss where the hair does not fall but becomes thin over a period of time, this thinning continues and ultimately the hair stops growing, and baldness becomes evident.

What Is Hair Loss?

Causes Of Hair Loss

Medical treatment of hair loss

Surgical treatment for hair loss

Result & post op care following Hair Transplant

Advantages of Hair Transplant at cosmetic surgery center

Side effects of Hair Transplant

Our Packages:

 Hair Transplant Cost In Bangalore

FUT 1000 grafts
Rs. 32000
FUT 2000 grafts
Rs. 62000
FUT 3000 grafts
Rs. 82000
FUT 4000 grafts
subject to medical consultation + consumables
FUT 1000 grafts
Rs. 42000
FUT 2000 grafts
Rs. 72000
FUT 2000 +
package available, subject to donor available.

Being a surgical procedure & since it is done once in your lifetime choose your Hair transplant surgeon wisely.

FUE Hair Transplant Clinic

Your search for the most advanced hair transplant center is now over.

Fortis La Femme in collaboration with Cosmetic studio has a combination of the best techniques in Follicular Unit Strip and Follicular Unit Extraction technique to give you hair transplant that is

  • Natural and undetected to others
  • Highest safety standards
  • Affordable to most
  • And Assured growth of hair

Our Hair studio offers you the best Video Microscopic dissection in Strip technique. We offer Automated Follicular unit Extraction by US-FDA approved.

Neograft (Recognized to be far superior to manual FUE most clinics provide).

Our Celebrity Hair transplant surgeons have a combined work experience of over 20 years, and several successfully performed Hair transplant surgeries till date. We are very confident in the ability of our famous hair restoration in delivering results, yet medical practice is such that in very rare cases some grafts transplanted may fail to grow. We assure you that in this scenario the grafts will be replaced at no additional cost (subject to T&C).