Methods Used For Hair Transplantation

Date :27-Feb-2019

Methods used for hair transplantation which have evolved recently provide results that recreate a fuller, more natural-looking hairline. Today, it’s possible to have natural-looking results thanks to many advances in technology. Not only men face hair loss and balding issues, but many women are also troubled by thinning hair as well. And they are increasingly turning to hair loss/ hair transplant procedures to rejuvenate their look. So how, exactly, do hair transplant procedures work? Many of them have no idea what a hair transplant is Below mentioned are few things a hair transplant

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Body Sculpting By VASER Liposuction

Date :04-Dec-2018

Body contouring/body shaping or body sculpting is the procedure of reshaping the body contours by removing the deposited fats under the skin. Body contouring includes both invasive and non-invasive techniques. There are many types of body sculpting namely liposuction, Laser Liposuction, Vaser Liposuction, Lifts, Fat Transfer, and Tummy Tuck. Here the topic explains VASER liposuction. What is VASER liposuction? VASER(Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) liposuction is a superior technology that constitutes cutting-edge treatments to enhance body contour and shape. This proc

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The advanced Hair Transplant treatment can bring a lot of change

Date :03-Dec-2018

Hair fall or hair loss is a common problem these days. People of any age group can have hair loss. Any kind of injury or burn can lead to hair fall in patches. Depending on the type of scalp the quantity of hair fall is related. In women, chronic telogen effluvium is seen quite often. This leads to a sudden fall of full-length hair for months or even years. Men above the age of 50 often do through excessive hair loss. This condition is popularly known as androgenetic alopecia. In this case, hair falls in patches. A part of the scalp gets affected and results in excessive hair loss. At times

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The Ultimate Guide To Hair Loss Treatment 2017 !... What Really Works?

Date :14-Sep-2017

Hair loss is one of the most common and visible problems faced by both men and women. It is more common in men than women. Hair loss mostly affects the appearance of a person, but often indicates an underlying condition. At least once in their lives, people express concerns about hair loss and seek treatment to cure hair fall. Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is caused by many reasons like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, stress, genetic reasons, hormonal imbalances and even pregnancy. The severity of hair loss can vary from a small patch to the entire head. Hair Loss Treat

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Can A Diode Laser Hair Removal Procedure Solve Your Underarm Issues?

Date :07-Aug-2017

Unruly hair growing under armpits is a reason for embarrassment for some women. It can also stop them from wearing their favorite sleeveless dresses and to make the matters worse, sometimes underarm hair removal can leave a dark patch in your armpits, making the problem even worse. There are so many different ways or methods for hair removal, most of which are time-consuming, expensive and painful. Some women prefer one over the other on different parameters like convenience, pain, itching, effectiveness at removing hair and cost etc. Some may want a permanent solution for unwanted hair; so

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Follicular Unit Extraction - The Best Hair Transplant Treatment

Date :25-Jul-2017

Hair loss is a major issue we deal with every day. There are many factors that affect it. Hormonal changes, heredity, stress, and pollution are few of the factors that cause hair loss. Today, one of the ideal solutions for hair loss is hair transplant. There are different types of hair transplant treatments which require various techniques to ensure perfect results. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a very simple but an excellent hair transplant method. It extracts follicular units from a donor area and is placed onto the bald area. Many of us do not like the idea of a hair transplant tr

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5 Different Types Of Facelift Surgeries you should know !!..

Date :17-Jul-2017

Signs of aging are never a welcome sight. Thanks to the many different ways of putting brakes on aging to restore your beauty and confidence. Cosmetic Studio specializes in helping you freeze and reverse the aging process, by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and tightening the skin, reduction of a double chin and giving you a better jaw line through different types of facelifts.There are several types of both Surgical facelifts and non-surgical facelifts available for people today. Different types of Surgical Facelifts Facelift Plastic Surgery Also known as Rhytidectomy, this is a cosmetic s

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Five Best Reasons You Might Consider Tummy Tuck Surgery After Having Babies

Date :07-Jul-2017

Giving birth and becoming a mother is unarguably the greatest of miracles in the way the woman’s body transforms and accommodates the new role of motherhood. Although blissful, giving birth takes a toll on a woman’s body, as keeping the baby within her for nine months and putting on weight all along is not that easy to reverse after birth. Thankfully there are methods to get rid of the excess fat and loose skin that come with the delivery, as the stretched skin in the tummy area suddenly loosens up. Tummy Tuck is the best choice after having babies: Tummy tuck Liposuction Sur

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Anti Aging Treatment in Bangalore

Date :26-Jun-2017

The slight and frail skin around the eyes is often the first place to show signs of aging. It comes in the form of crow’s feet, wrinkles, age spots and puffiness. Cosmetic Studio specializes in helping you freeze and reverse the aging process, by reducing wrinkles, fine lines and tightening the skin, reduction of the double chin and giving you a better jaw line.Cosmetic Studio has been providing US -FDA approved medical and surgical cosmetic treatments since 1997, it is ranked amongst one of the top 5 Cosmetic Clinics providing Anti-aging treatment in Bangalore under Plastic and Cosmet

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The Ideal Age To Get Face Lifts

Date :19-Jun-2017

Everyone strives to have a body they are happy with. Through conventions of beauty being defined through pop-culture and social media, another trend is cosmetic surgery. Any person who is either unsatisfied with their body or wants to become more like their favorite celebrity looks into the option of cosmetic surgery. It is a vast umbrella which focuses on sculpting certain body parts to what the patient desires. It’s a trend followed by many celebrities and people who are unhappy with their natural body. One very popular cosmetic surgery is a Surgical Facelift Treatment. Many people

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6 Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Acne Marks Naturally!!

Date :12-Jun-2017

Scars, marks and pimples are common problems that most men and women face. The problem ranges from a temporary pimple that comes up every now and then to a whole pimple or acne breakout which becomes a permanent part of the skin. A pimple or acne outbreak can influence an individual’s self-confidence and self-esteem. They start undermining their natural beauty. People begin resorting to various health care products that reduce the effect of the acne. Many people start depending on these products that could intern have negative effects on the health of their skin in the long run. Here

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5 Types Of Laser Treatments For Acne Scars And Their Benefits

Date :05-Jun-2017

What is Acne? Acne scar our beauty permanently. Acne is a common problem suffered by many people mostly in their teenage and early adult life. Marked by pus-filled pimples on the face that arise due to over active oil glands under the skin. The excessive oil results in blocked pores and bacterial growth causing acne. Laser Treatments For Acne Scars And Their Benefits: Types of Acne: Acne can be mild, moderate or severe. Mild and moderate acne doesn’t require medical treatment and can be treated with acne creams, ointments and home remedies. Severe acne requires medical treatment b

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6 Important Tips To Know Before Going To Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery (Nose Job 101)

Date :29-May-2017

Physical appearance plays a very important role in people’s life. We always strive to look our best on a daily basis. But there are certain parts of our body that we don’t like. Sometimes people find their eyes too small, or their ankles too chubby. Many people resort to cosmetic surgery either to perfect their flaws or mimic their favorite celebrity. In fact, Cosmetic Surgery is a growing trend with a large number of people opting for the same. Rhinoplasty In Bangalore: One of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery is the Rhinoplasty also known as nose surgery or nose job.

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10 Things You Need To Know About Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Date :22-May-2017

There exist many notions and criteria of beauty. Flawless and smooth are extremely common synonyms to beauty. Many women and men associate smooth, hairless skin to beauty as well. Hence hair removal has become a routine part and parcels in people’s lives. Tweezing, waxing and shaving are some of the common practices people adopt to get rid of the hair on their skin. But another method that people also look into is permanent hair removal via Laser Hair Removal Treatment. Laser hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic surgery that most people look into. The basic outline of the p

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Breast Reduction Surgery

Date :15-May-2017

People all over the world strive to have a body they are happy with. They do many things to gain such a body, they go on diets, follow a strict exercise regime and even consider surgery. The demand for cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Cosmetic surgery has benefited many people by giving them exactly what they want. Many women have received breast implants to make themselves feel more confident about their breasts. Similarly, many people also opt for Breast Reduction Surgery– both men and women. Due to various reasons at times both men and women, in fact, seek for breast reduction. Som

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The Side Effects Of Hair Removal Creams

Date :04-May-2017

Hair removal has become synonymous with beauty and hygiene. It’s always been understood that underneath all that hair lies smooth and beautiful skin. Hair removal has become a part and parcel of many people lives. It becomes a basic need. Hence may products like razors, epilators have emerged. Many services like waxing and laser hair removal are also thriving. Another popular product is hair removal cream. Hair removal cream appeals to many people because of its comparatively less painful. Many people who need a quick fix up can turn to hair removal cream as the other ways of doing so

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Remove Acne Scar With Professional Treatment

Date :18-Apr-2017

Acnes scar our beauty permanently. Acne is a common problem suffered by many people mostly in their teenage and early adult life. Marked by pus filled pimples on the face that arise due to over active oil glands under the skin. The excessive oil results in blocked pores and bacterial growth causing acne. Acne can be mild, moderate or severe. Mild and moderate acne doesn’t require medical treatment and can be treated with acne creams, ointments and home remedies. Severe acne requires medical treatment by specialized dermatologists and can save the patients from developing acne scars t

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Simple & Effective Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Date :30-Mar-2017

In the era of social media and filters, we all strive to look our best on a day to day basis. We can have clothes and shoes that suit us but what actually influences our entire attire is our hair. On a good hair day, we feel empowered, on a bad hair day we try to cover it up. Hair fall is often seen as a sign of ageing. It is often considered unattractive to have bald spots or alopecia. Since hair is considered to be such an essential part of beauty, many individuals with hair fall begin to undermine their attractiveness and overall appearance. Often people resort to Hair transplant treatme

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Vaser Liposuction Treatment In Bangalore Cost | Benefits | Risks | Before After Pictures

Date :23-Mar-2017

It is a proven fact that people take only seven seconds to pass a judgement about each other when meeting for the first time. In a world where personal appearance and attractiveness play a vital role in one’s personality and overall confidence, cosmetic procedures like Liposuction Treatment and body sculpting can substantially help people improve their quality of life by enhancing body contours and removing excess fat that is resistant to exercising and diet. What is Vaser Liposuction? Vaser Lipo is an advanced liposuction procedure that is minimally invasive, safer and shows better

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Which Liposuction Technique Will Suits Me Either Vaser Lipo, Power Assisted Lipo Or Ultrasound Assisted Lipo

Date :16-Mar-2017

Introduction: The deposit of fat around many body parts like belly, thighs and upper arms etc. can reduce the physical attractiveness of a person. Liposuction or simply “lipo” is a technique to reshape specific body parts and slim them by removing excess fat deposits thereby improving and enhancing body contours. Our genetics govern fat deposition in our body. Liposuction Treatment In Bangalore can locally target stubborn areas of fatty deposits such as buttocks, arms, inner and outer thighs and neck and remove the fat that is resistant to exercise and dieting. Liposuction can

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How A Hair Transplant Treatment Went Wrong Got Corrected!

Date :10-Mar-2017

To introduce myself I happen to be a doctor, and then had hair loss at a young age, and the begins the search for a hair transplant clinic, the most important decision about Hair transplant treatment I learned the hard way is not a brand but the doctor who does it and the technique they use. My first surgery was done after reading an advertisement in the paper about a so-called chain of clinics who claimed they were big on hair transplant in Hyderabad, the results left me devastated. As you can see poor growth and terrible scars following so-called scarless painless hair transplant that they

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What Is A Follicular Unit Or Grafts?

Date :28-Feb-2017

A follicular unit is an independent entity on its own having one to four terminal hairs, so for each unit one independent cut is made on the head and it is inserted, so that when it starts to grow you have hairs produced depending on number of roots each follicle has, hence the number of hairs should never be confused with number of grafts. Follicular Units Or Grafts: so if you see in the picture below it has 4 grafts and 10 hairs coming out, so the number of small cuts made would be four and they would generate 10 hairs.FU Hair transplant treatments. This is how those Hair grafts are t

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General Guide To Breast Implant Surgery Treatment

Date :15-Feb-2017

A women’s biggest insecurity comes down to her body image. Her feminine identity is closely associated with her breasts. Over the years, women’s bodies have been scrutinised. It has now reached a point where every woman strives to have a body she is happy with. Undergoing Breast Implant Surgery is not something new and has already brought about many opinions. In light of current events, many women opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery, breast enlargement surgery, and breast lift surgery. Undergoing cosmetic surgery is now a new trend. But there are always things that should

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Breast Reduction Procedure, Risks, Benefits, Recovery

Date :30-Jan-2017

The right treatment choice for Enlarged Male Breasts Introduction: Enlarged Male Breasts or Gynecomastia is a prevalent condition in men that is rarely openly discussed and hence people have very little knowledge about its treatment options.Caused by an Endocrine system disorder, Gynecomastia can become a cause for social anxiety, stress, low self- esteem and secluded lifestyle in many men; therefore, treatment is very important for physical, mental and emotional restoration of the patient. Gynecomastia is often associated with puberty, but mostly the enlargement goes away within a year or

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Follicular Unit Extraction-Facts And Myths

Date :30-Jan-2017

what is FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. Follicular unit extraction or fue has become very popular now,claiming it is scarless, painless, way to treat andro genetic male pattern baldness. here an extraction device removes one graft at a time from donor area, the advantage is there is no stitching of donor area, and there is a small scar at the spot. The process of extraction can be manual , automated ,Neograft that we use is an automated FUE extraction device. advantages of Neograft include less damage to the follicle during extraction as it makes a cut only at skin level and the rest of

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What Is Acne? Causes And Best Treatment

Date :19-Jan-2017

What is Acne? Teenage is often associated with the fear of getting acne. Many teenagers experience this in the form of spots occurring on face and often on back and parts of neck too. It is estimated that 8 out of 10 teenagers experience some degree of acne. Some may experience severe form of acne and if left untreated can leave scars on the face affecting self-confidence and the social life. The greatest concern for many young patients is the permanent scarring and spots on face that can affect personal beauty. As teenage years play a significant part in inter-personal development and so

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Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic Surgery

Date :29-Dec-2016

What is Cosmetic surgery? This surgery is used to enhance the appearance of a person, with the help of surgical instruments. Cosmetic surgery can be used to treat multiple areas of the body, such as legs, hands, neck, and also areas on your head. Breast augmentation, Male breast reduction, hair transplant, Liposuction is only a few of the examples used to enhance the appearance of a person. What is a plastic surgery? This surgery is used to reconstruct skin in areas, which were affected due to birth disorders. It is used to treat disorders like burns, diseases, birth marks etc. Breast rec

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What To Choose FUE Or FUT? Comparing Hair Transplantation Methods

Date :27-Dec-2016

A patient looking for a Hair transplant treatment would have come across terms like Follicular unit transplantation and Follicular unit extraction. It is very certain that you would have problems in deciding which one of these treatments is the right treatment for you. All these problems can only be addressed by a hair surgeon, here at Cosmetic studio we feel it’s our responsibility to educate you on how both these treatments work. Treatment procedure Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is a hair transplantation treatment which involves the ext

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Is liposuction the best treatment for your body?

Date :16-Dec-2016

Here are some common criterions you need to check before you get your treatment done It is very important to keep a track your present health status Liposuction is a procedure which includes the extraction of fat from your body. A check on your daily diet, your nutrition levels, your physical fitness and whether you have undergone all the tests you need to undergo prior to the Laser Lipo Treatment. A visit to your nutritionist can do a great deal of help in deciding the right diet you should follow during and post the treatment. Gauge all your alternatives Liposuction is an irreversible;

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How An Imbalanced Diet Can Cause Hair Loss

Date :06-Dec-2016

Hair loss or hair fall is a common phenomenon that has been a part of human life from time immemorial. Research conducted in the past has concluded that a man naturally loses up to 100 hairs a day. This is a matter of concern only when the number increases. If you find that your hair count is decreasing rapidly you need Hair loss treatment in Bangalore, there may be a number of factors that can contribute to the hair loss. Here are a few reasons that are diet-related. What is the connection between hair loss and protein shakes? The addition of a protein shake and a high protein diet to you

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How Much Do You Know About Liposuction?

Date :29-Nov-2016

"Obesity is a mental state, a disease brought on by boredom and disappointment"-Cyril Connoly Obesity can be caused due to several reasons; here are some the reasons why obesity is caused Excess intake of calories: As the famous proverb goes “Too much of anything is bad”, over intake of calories can cause a significant amount of damage to your body. According to W.H.O., Into an average person consumes up to 2000 calories a day. When calories are consumed in excess of that number, this leads to obesity. A Poor diet: The repercussions of following a poor diet are endless, thi

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Benefits Of Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Date :23-Nov-2016

As people grow older, bodies react in ways that cannot be predicted. Some people may suffer a hormonal imbalance or issue which can lead to unwanted hair growth, others might suffer from it even without an imbalance. With the generally prevalent attitudes in society, this can negatively affect the self-worth of a sufferer in ways that can be mentally damaging. With the advent of new medical technologies, though, there are ways to treat people who suffer from these issues. Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Bangalore: Laser hair removal is not a very new Permanent Laser Hair Removal can affect

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Look no further to find the best hair transplant surgeon in Bangalore

Date :16-Nov-2016

The year 1997 gave way to a new revolution in Hair treatment in Bangalore, India, with the birth of a Cosmetic Studio. A subsidiary of Fortis Hospitals, the clinic has been able to make their own space in the field of hair transplant treatments in Bangalore. Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Bangalore:   Dr Vivekananda Bhatt, over the years, has proven himself to be the Best hair transplant surgeon in Bangalore. The founder of this clinic, he has worked in the space for over 8 years, gaining recognition from a number of international bodies. He was recognized by The International Union o

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Traction Alopecia – Hair Loss Caused By Wearing Helmet

Date :11-Nov-2016

In India it’s mandatory to wear helmet across most states for people who ride two-wheelers. While this rule has helped by increasing safety, it has also led to an embarrassing situation called traction alopecia or hair loss. What is traction alopecia? And how to take care. Traction alopecia is a form of hair loss which is primarily caused due to excessive force being applied to the hair. When you wear a helmet for a long period of time, there is consistent pressure on the head causing a lack of blood flow. Both of these can lead to excessive hair loss and eventually cause traction alop

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Refine Your Arms With Vaser Liposuction

Date :23-Aug-2016

Perfectly contoured arms are something every woman dreams of Presently, it doesn’t seem like such a distant dream anymore. Advanced body sculpting services like vaser liposuction treatment help remove body fat and promise amazing results. Read on to know more about one such technique Vaser Liposuction: What Is Vaser? Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance, and this is an improvement over the old method of liposuction that used ultrasound energy to eliminate fat. This invasive technique is known to be less painful—and safer too, compared to laser

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Choose A Good Cosmetic Clinic To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne Marks

Date :23-Aug-2016

Acne and pimples are common problems that affect teenagers and young adults; the silver lining is that they are both treatable. While more than 80% of people in the age group of 11-30 get pimples, it can affect people in their forties and fifties too. Skin pores are connected to oil glands by a canal called follicle. While oil glands manufacture an oily substance known as sebum, the work of the follicle is to carry dead cells out to the surface of the skin. The follicle also happens to be the very opening through which a hair grows out of the skin. A pimple forms when hair, dead skin cells

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Problems With Follicular Unit Extraction -FUE Technique For Hair Transplant Surgery

Date :28-Jul-2016

The popular belief that scarring is an issue with only the strip technique in hair transplant surgery and that follicular unit extraction is scarless was not true in my case, I underwent an FUE hair transplant surgery in Hyderabad in a clinic, but the results left me devastated, not only was the hair growth poor, but it was the scars I suffered, that left me devastated. As I happen to be a doctor I thought it would be nice if I shared the experience with all, I had to undergo corrective surgery for this and now I am relatively happy with the results, this time I have chosen the Neograft tec

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Scarring with hair transplant with strip Vs Extraction

Date :28-Jul-2016

I am amazed to read articles which say that FUE extraction technique for hair transplant is scarless, and scarlessFUE treatment get to see the opposite in reality,is FUE scarless as advertisements say, the answer to this is yes if the right machine is used and no if improper instruments are used, Why has FUE gained popularity over the traditional strip technique is not because it is a superior technique especially when large number of grafts are required, but because any doctor can now setup a Hair Transplant Clinic with literally no assistants, where as the traditional hair transplantwith

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Hair transplant my experience

Date :24-Jul-2016

Suffering from hair loss is not a nice thing especially at a young age,then comes the challenge of how one needs to get the hair back, the obvious choice is lots of options one finds online, I tried medical treatment, stem cell treatment and PRP treatment with no results other than a waste of money.The final option was to undergo a hair transplant surgery which I then went through, as my requirement was for a front portion of the head -I decided on FUE technique. This was my photo prior to the surgery This is how it looked after the surgery On the day of surgery I landed up at

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Reasons Why You’re Going Bald At 23

Date :27-Jun-2016

It starts with finding a bit of hair on the bathroom floor after a shower. Then, a few strands of leftover hair on your comb. Before you know it, you may suddenly have a serious hair loss problem on your hands—sometimes literally. Baldness affects confidence; a lot of people have trouble facing the world without a mane of healthy thick hair. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why you can go bald at the tender age of 23. Some insight might actually help to keep your hair on a little longer! Like Father, Like Son… And Daughter: Two thirds of men lose mo

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Why A Surgical Face Lift Is Still The Best Option

Date :22-Jun-2016

When age comes knocking, there’s a number of ways you can slam it shut in it face. A facelift is one of the most comprehensive ways you can do so. In this procedure, a surgeon takes care of the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and saggy bits of skin. Facelift can range from simple, non-invasive ‘lunchtime’ procedures to more complicated surgical face jobs. Using a simple facelift, you can get rid of anything from midface sagging and marionette lines to double chins and droopy facial muscles. Surgical Facelift Treatment In Bangalore: Facelift Surgery In India? Th

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Hair Loss Major Causes & Treatment | Methods Of Hair Fall Treatment

Date :21-Mar-2016

Hair loss is a very common phenomenon. Almost everyone goes through this phase at one point or another. In fact losing up to 100 hairs a day is regarded as normal. But due to genetic reasons, wrong lifestyle and inadequate diet one can suffer from heavy hair loss and premature balding. In the case of females, gradual thinning of hair is observed, while males develop bald spots. Major Causes of Hair Loss: Family HistoryThis kind of hair loss is inherited from one’s parents. It is commonly known as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Wrong hair maintenanceOften it is se

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Popular Myths About Liposuction

Date :04-Feb-2016

Liposuction is the process through which excess fat is removed from different sides of the body. Weight loss surgery or Body shaping treatment is very important. Basically, a cosmetic surgery for body contouring, liposuction (also known as lipo) is today the most popular body sculpting process done throughout the globe. At the same time there are many myths around this cosmetic process. So here is a myth-buster for all those who are interested in or want to know more about liposuction! Most Popular Myths And Facts About Liposuction Myth #1 Liposuction is only for women Now we do know that

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Thread Lift – A Viable Solution To Surgical Face Lifting

Date :04-Feb-2016

Facial muscles tend to lose elasticity as one age. If you are looking for ways in which you can turn the clock, and get a youthful skin which has no traces of fine lines and wrinkles then face lifts is the best option for you. The effect of facelifts lasts for around seven to ten years. Facelifts can either be surgical or non-surgical like thread lifts. Thread lifts, also known as suture lifts, is a procedure in which thin threads are attached to the skin tissues on the targeted areas through tiny incisions. These threads are then pulled back so as to lift and smooth the face. The threads act

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Transform Your Looks With A Hair Transplant Treatment

Date :30-Mar-2015

Hair is often regarded as the crowning glory of one’s personality. Poets and writers have written paeans on beautiful tresses and have romanticized it. Hair no doubt is an integral part of our personality and influences the way we look. And then comes the dreadful phenomenon of hair loss. Be it a male or a female, hair loss is one thing which both the sexes abhor. In fact there are several cases where the people loss their confidence level with the loss of hair. And it is at this juncture that hair transplant becomes a simple and viable solution to all your woes. To begin with, Hair Tra

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