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What Is A Follicular Unit Or Grafts?

Date :28-Feb-2017

A follicular unit is an independent entity on its own having one to four terminal hairs, so for each unit one independent cut is made on the head and it is inserted, so that when it starts to grow you have hairs produced depending on number of roots each follicle has, hence the number of hairs should never be confused with number of grafts. Follicular Units Or Grafts: so if you see in the picture below it has 4 grafts and 10 hairs coming out, so the number of small cuts made would be four and they would generate 10 hairs. This is how those grafts are then inserted into the recipient are

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General Guide To Breast Implant Surgery Treatment

Date :15-Feb-2017

A women’s biggest insecurity comes down to her body image. Her feminine identity is closely associated with her breasts. Over the years, women’s bodies have been scrutinised. It has now reached a point where every woman strives to have a body she is happy with. Undergoing Breast Implant Surgery is not something new and has already brought about many opinions. In light of current events, many women opt to undergo breast augmentation surgery, breast enlargement surgery, and breast lift surgery. Undergoing cosmetic surgery is now a new trend. But there are always things that should

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