Benefits Of Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Date :23-Nov-2016

As people grow older, bodies react in ways that cannot be predicted. Some people may suffer a hormonal imbalance or issue which can lead to unwanted hair growth, others might suffer from it even without an imbalance. With the generally prevalent attitudes in society, this can negatively affect the self-worth of a sufferer in ways that can be mentally damaging. With the advent of new medical technologies, though, there are ways to treat people who suffer from these issues.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Bangalore:

Laser hair removal is not a very new Permanent Laser Hair Removal can affect people who opt for the therapy. For example, even a small difference like choosing an ND-Yag laser treatment over the generally prevalent diode laser treatment can affect your skin. Research has shown that the ND-Yag treatment is better for Indian skin and prevents scarring after treatment. This is a development that couldn’t have been guaranteed until some years ago. In the current scenario, though, there are ample results that one can see for this.

In laser hair removal, the follicles of unwanted growth are targeted. This targeting removes the follicles and impedes their ability to grow. With that, it is ensured that at least one cycle of hair is gone. The next hair will be less robust and harder to grow. However, one sitting does not ensure success and the body is capable of regenerating the hair as well as the follicle. It is imperative that laser hair removal be conducted over multiple sittings to ensure complete removal of hair. Multiple sittings also help in ensuring that follicles stop growing again. This is an important development in the process of permanent laser hair removal treatment.

Even with all this, it is important to know the benefits and pitfalls of laser hair removal treatment. There are very few side effects, usually. In some cases, the skin can blister or make your skin look and feel like it has been sunburned. This can be a problem that lasts for a few days and can, therefore, make a difference to how you may function in your daily life.

Apart from these minor irritations, the treatment can cause some slightly more serious issues. Blistering, crusting and scarring can be a problematic issue when undergoing the treatment. Another uncommon issue is the graying of treated hair and, in rare situations, a tendency of hair to grow back faster and more resiliently after the treatment is complete. These are all issues that can be avoided with a little care and medical attention. But medical attention isn’t a common hallmark of every clinic that offers laser hair removal services.

Cosmetic Studio is one of the premier laser hair removal clinics in Bangalore and it has been offering services for almost a decade. Working under the aegis of expert Dr. Vivekananda Bhat, the clinic now works in association with Fortis Hospitals. An experienced and highly qualified medical team will ensure that there is complete adherence to standards of practice while following treatments that are US-FDA approved. This is what sets Cosmetic Studio apart from other service providers within the industry. This is why the best treatment for laser hair removal is available at Cosmetic Studio in Bangalore.

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Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore

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