Choose A Good Cosmetic Clinic To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne Marks

Date :23-Aug-2016


Acne and pimples are common problems that affect teenagers and young adults; the silver lining is that they are both treatable. While more than 80% of people in the age group of 11-30 get pimples, it can affect people in their forties and fifties too.

Skin pores are connected to oil glands by a canal called follicle. While oil glands manufacture an oily substance known as sebum, the work of the follicle is to carry dead cells out to the surface of the skin.

The follicle also happens to be the very opening through which a hair grows out of the skin. A pimple forms when hair, dead skin cells, and sebum clog up the follicular pore. The presence of bacteria causes swelling, which leads to acne, the unsightly enemy of every high-schooler.

How To Get Rid Of Stubborn Acne Marks:

Common Causes Of Acne:

While the actual causes of acne are yet to be pinned down, doctors have deduced that certain factors might be responsible. These include—

  • Hormonal changes that take place after puberty, and during pregnancy
  • Side-effects of birth control pills, and some other types of medication
  • Heredity (genetics)
  • Excessive use of greasy makeup and other chemicals on the face

Treatment Procedure:

The complete healing of pimples and acne is easier said than done; they just keep coming back. Sometimes, they may heal on their own. Regardless of whether you’re undergoing any treatment or not though, acne and pimples can leave behind stubborn scars.

And here’s the issue—these scars are possibly worse than the actual breakout of acne, as no home remedies or expensive ointments and medications ever seem to help.

Facial scars are a major cause of mental depression in teenagers. Most of these are depressed scars that make the skin look uneven. Recent studies show that laser treatment and other surgery are the most popular techniques used by dermatologists to remove scars permanently. Surgeries can be painful, though, and lead to several complications.

The Best acne treatment in Bangalore makes use of lasers to help get rid of acne scars, but that’s not all; they take care of wound scars too. Fractional laser lights create minute columns of coagulated tissue that go deep into the skin without affecting the epidermis in any way. The disorganized scar tissues get replaced by a new and healthy tissue, which greatly reduces the appearance of your scars.We are best for Pimple Scar Treatments.

This non-invasive solution offers you the desired results with minimum risk and pain.

Choosing A Good Clinic:

Acne scar removal treatment in Bangalore is offered by many cosmetic studios, but it’s important that you choose the right one. The type of skin is one important thing that you need to consider, as the treatment depends on this crucial factor.

For effective treatment, you’ll need a good clinic with state-of-art equipment and a good dermatologist. Such a clinic would make use of the latest technology to treat your scars; you’ll see results right from the first day. The risk of infection is also reduced to a bare minimum, and you can reap the benefits without any side effects.

Make sure you choose the right cosmetic clinic—one which makes use of fractional laser light to eliminate marks so that you can live a scarless and blemish-free life.

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Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore

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