Cosmetic Surgery Vs. Plastic Surgery

Date :29-Dec-2016

What is Cosmetic surgery?

This surgery is used to enhance the appearance of a person, with the help of surgical instruments. Cosmetic surgery can be used to treat multiple areas of the body, such as legs, hands, neck, and also areas on your head. Breast augmentation, Male breast reduction, hair transplant, Liposuction is only a few of the examples used to enhance the appearance of a person.

What is a plastic surgery?

This surgery is used to reconstruct skin in areas, which were affected due to birth disorders. It is used to treat disorders like burns, diseases, birth marks etc. Breast reconstruction, burn repair surgery, congenital defect repairs are all common examples of a plastic surgery. A cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is a part of a plastic surgery.

Advantages and disadvantages of Cosmetic surgery and Plastic surgery are the same

A Confidence booster

Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery can help in improving your physical appearance, Tummy Tuck surgery can help in extracting excess fat from the body. Hair Transplant treatment aims at helping the patient in growing back hair on his head, a laser hair removal helps patients in removing excess hair from different parts of the body. All these surgeries help a person in becoming more confident.

Health benefits

Most cosmetic surgeries and plastic surgeries leave their patients with some health benefits. A nose job reduces the potential of a sinus problem; a breast reduction surgery can reduce the chances of the patient suffering from excruciating back pains.

Complications presented

Cosmetic surgery and Plastic surgery take the patient through a considerable amount of pain. The wounds and scars caused during this procedure can take a time frame of 7-9 months to heal completely. Side effects that occur during this surgery are plenty and can sometimes cause irreversible damage to the treated areas.

Cost of this surgery

These surgeries are usually expensive. The amount of time taken to get the surgery done can cause financial losses as well. These surgeries may not be covered under medical insurance and can leave you with side effects which may cost money to treat.

Can be addictive

This surgery can not only cause physical side effects, but it also leaves behind mental side effects. A patient who undergoes one of these surgeries, can even get addicted to it. Since these surgeries have powers of causing fundamental changes to them, they start finding reasons to undergo these treatments and feel better. This is one of the most significant risks of cosmetic or plastic surgery and should be kept in mind before undergoing the procedure

Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore

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