Hair Loss Major Causes & Treatment | Methods Of Hair Fall Treatment

Date :21-Mar-2016

Hair loss is a very common phenomenon. Almost everyone goes through this phase at one point or another. In fact losing up to 100 hairs a day is regarded as normal. But due to genetic reasons, wrong lifestyle and inadequate diet one can suffer from heavy hair loss and premature balding. In the case of females, gradual thinning of hair is observed, while males develop bald spots.

Major Causes of Hair Loss:

  1. Family HistoryThis kind of hair loss is inherited from one’s parents. It is commonly known as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness.
  2. Wrong hair maintenanceOften it is seen that due to the use of the wrong hair products as well as pulling the hair back of the hair is the reason for heavy hair loss. Wearing tight braids, using heating products like blowers, curlers, straighteners etc also weaken the hair and lead to its breakage.
  3. Poor diet and lifestyleDiet has a strong correlation with hair fall. A diet which lacks the right amount of protein and iron is sure to affect the health of the hair. Apart from poor diet, physical and emotional stress and lack of exercise are other major reasons for hair loss.Apart from these major reasons – aging, illness, chemotherapy as well as health conditions like thyroid along with ringworm on scalp – are other reasons for hair fall.

Hair Fall Treatment:

Hair transplant and hair weaving are two ways in which hair loss can be treated.

In hair transplant the follicles resistant to hormonal changes are removed from the back of the head and are placed in the bald areas of the scalp. There are two ways in which the graft can be removed:

  1. Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

In FUT method, the cosmetologist cuts a strip of scalp from behind the head and dissects them into groups of individual grafts. While Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) process makes use of individual follicular grafts. But when it comes to the technique of hair transplantation, both the methods employ the same procedure.

Local anesthetic injections are given on areas which are balding followed by the creation of tiny sites with the help of needles and blades. It is in these tiny sites that grafts are inserted.

Cases wherein hair loss has developed in just minor areas of the scalp, FUE method of hair transplant is the best. Not only is it less invasive as compared to FUT, but the recovery period is also less. In cases wherein a major part of the scalp needs grafting, the FUT method is usually recommended. As the entire bald area is covered with just a couple of sittings. FUT method is more invasive as compared to FUE, and therefore recovery period is longer.

Hair weaving – another medium through which you can address hair loss – is done to either to add volume to the scalp or baldness of the scalp can be covered. The hair which is weaved on the scalp can be synthetic, human, or a mix of both.

Hair weaves can be of various kinds, for eg. Bonding, netting, fusion, micro braiding, tracking, and using lace extensions. The choice of weaving style depends on the extent of baldness and the patient’s choice.

As compared to hair transplant, hair weaving is a cheaper and less time-consuming process. Yet it does not give a permanent solution, hair transplant on the other hand is a permanent process, as unlike the fibers of hair weaving, the new hair which subsequently grows in this process will not shed away.

Thus if you eat the right diet and follow a good lifestyle, you can easily delay hair loss. But in cases where baldness has already developed, you can opt for one of the above-mentioned procedures.

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Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore

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