Hair transplant my experience

Date :24-Jul-2016

Suffering from hair loss is not a nice thing especially at a young age,then comes the challenge of how one needs to get the hair back, the obvious choice is lots of options one finds online, I tried medical treatment, stem cell treatment and PRP treatment with no results other than a waste of money.The final option was to undergo a hair transplant surgery which I then went through, as my requirement was for a front portion of the head -I decided on FUE technique.

This was my photo prior to the surgery

This is how it looked after the surgery

On the day of surgery I landed up at the clinic a little tense, I was given a tablet to reduce my anxiety, following which I was lot more comfortable, the injections to numb the area was not as painful as I thought I would be, and then it was so numb that I could not feel anything.

The extracted grafts fell off shortly, then the growth started after some months, its been about 9 months now and the results are pleasing.

Hair transplant is definitely value for money, not a painful procedure, and the results worth the effort taken, I would also like to thank my hair transplant surgeon Dr. Vivekanand who almost did the whole procedure himself.

Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore

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