Is liposuction the best treatment for your body?

Date :16-Dec-2016

Here are some common criterions you need to check before you get your treatment done

It is very important to keep a track your present health status

Liposuction is a procedure which includes the extraction of fat from your body. A check on your daily diet, your nutrition levels, your physical fitness and whether you have undergone all the tests you need to undergo prior to the Laser Lipo Treatment. A visit to your nutritionist can do a great deal of help in deciding the right diet you should follow during and post the treatment.

Gauge all your alternatives

Liposuction is an irreversible; once you decide to get the surgery done you will reach a point of no return. Hence it is important for you to consider all the alternatives you have in front of you before you opt to get treated using this treatment. It is important that you have a clear understanding of the benefits and draw backs that the treatment leaves you with.

Get a thorough understanding about the liposuction treatment

This cosmetic surgery has a set of side effects it leaves you with; hence it is very important to check whether your body is strong enough to fight those side effects. Once understand your body better, you will be in a position to decide the areas in which you would require treatment.

Get to know what you need post the surgery

The primary post-surgery requirement is to wear a compression garment for a span of 3-4 weeks. This eliminates the possibilities of swelling arising in the treated areas. The recovery time of the patient post the treatment would normally take a time span of a little more than one week and a half or even a couple of weeks in some cases. During this time it is very necessary that the patient follows all the guidelines of the treatment.

Benefits you could avail after a liposuction surgery

  • Liposuction is ideal for you intent is to extract fat from numerous areas of your body
  • This procedure causes nominal stretch marks and few side effects
  • Wounds heals faster compared to any other fat extraction surgeries
  • The pain that the patient undergoes during the treatment is less
  • Liposuction Involves safe removal of fat
  • The results is long lasting

Side effects of liposuction surgery

  • Temporary swelling, bruising in the treated area
  • There will be permanent change in the color of your skin
  • Uneven skin surfaces on the treated areas.
  • Excessive loss of blood and some other fluids from your body
  • You will have excess fluid accumulation

Learn how to choose right hands to the job for you

Here at cosmetic studio we believe it’s our responsibility to educate you on all the facts about our doctors and a good understanding about the facilities you would be treated in. Dr. Vivekananda is has an MD MBBS to his name, the he does is certified by several governing authorities from all over the world. Over a decade of experience in treating patients suffering from obesity adds to his credentials. Some of the primary treatments we provide are Body Sculpting, Vaser liposuction, Four-dimensional body sculpting. All the equipment we use during the course of our treatment are universally certified, our treatment centers are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the patients comfort. All the doctors on our panel are highly experienced in their respective areas, which aids us in making sure are treatments have higher rates of success.

Authored By Dr Vivekananda Bhat -cosmetic surgeon, Bangalore

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