The Ultimate Guide To Hair Loss Treatment 2017 !... What Really Works?

Date :14-Sep-2017

Hair loss is one of the most common and visible problems faced by both men and women. It is more common in men than women. Hair loss mostly affects the appearance of a person, but often indicates an underlying condition. At least once in their lives, people express concerns about hair loss and seek treatment to cure hair fall. Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is caused by many reasons like male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness, stress, genetic reasons, hormonal imbalances and even pregnancy. The severity of hair loss can vary from a small patch to the entire head.

Hair Loss Treatment: What Really Works:

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There’s a flurry of hair fall remedies available today ranging from oils, ointments, sprays, oral pills to surgical treatments. But these treatments only have limited success and work better at preventing further hair loss than the growth of new hair. Minoxidil is one of the most popular treatments for male pattern baldness. The treatment results usually show in six months and one must continue treatment indefinitely to avoid hair loss. Other treatments include corticosteroid injections and finasteride etc. Hormonal modulators are often used for treating female pattern baldness.

Nowadays there are many advanced surgical options such as hair follicle transplant, scalp flaps, and scalp reduction etc. that offer satisfactory results in patients who are conscious about their baldness. Although effective, these processes are expensive and can take around eight months to show results. Last but not the least are various coping strategies like wearing wigs or hats to hide the baldness, which is affordable but cannot substitute for real hair.

List Of Units:

  1. Reasons Behind Hair Loss
  2. Hair Fall Solutions
  3. Hair Transplantation Treatment

1. Reasons Behind Hair Loss:

On an average, we shed around 100 hair strands every day. But if it exceeds, one must look for the cause in order to timely prevent hair loss. There are several reasons for hair fall in both men and women and often hint towards other conditions with the body like improper nutrition, hormonal imbalance, stress or some disease related to the scalp. Most commonly an imbalanced diet causes hair fall and can be cured by proper nourishment. Many people start losing hair after early 20’s. This is often caused by increased hormonal levels or increased protein in the diet. Unique factors like traction alopecia from constant abrasion can also result in hair loss. While male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss in men resulting from hereditary, females mostly experience hair loss from hormonal changes arising from important life events like pregnancy. Many women have acute hair loss after delivery and may be irreversible in many cases.

Chapter 1: How An Imbalanced Diet Can Cause Hair Loss

Chapter 2: Reasons Why You’re Going Bald At 23

Chapter 3: Traction Alopecia – Hair Loss Caused By Wearing Helmet

2. Hair Fall Remedies:

One can easily get baffled browsing for hair fall remedies in a departmental store. There are virtually hundreds of different products making big claims but seldom live up to the expectations.

Many people suffering from hair loss prefer to try home remedies as they are chemical free and won’t complicate the situation further. Popular home remedies do show results in some subjects, however, not every person gets the same result. Often certain lifestyle changes help in slowing hair fall, as a hectic lifestyle, pollution, chemicals etc. are major factors affecting hair loss.

Starting with hot oil massages with almond oil, application of onion juice, apple cider vinegar, henna with egg, honey and tea, ginger, cayenne pepper to aloe vera gel, home remedies are cost effective and a safe way to treat hair loss with confidence and care. Let’s look at the best home remedies for getting your thick mane back with our simple and effective tips for hair fall control.

Chapter 1: Simple & Effective Home Remedies To Control Hair Fall

Chapter 2: Home Remedies for Hair Growth

Chapter 3: 40 Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth That Work Wonders

3. Hair Transplantation Treatment:

Hair fall treatment with sprays, oils and oral pills is at best a maintenance treatment. Its effectiveness in the regeneration of hair is questionable. In such a case, hair transplant surgery can be a promising treatment option for patients who care about their personal appearances and want to restore their look by growing their hair back. Hair transplant is a painful and expensive procedure requiring multiple sittings and is carried out under local anesthesia. The surgeon grafts hair follicles from the back side of the head into the parts where bald patches appear. Many modern techniques are available to get the best results and permanent solution to baldness. Surgical options like follicular unit extraction, Follicle unit transplantation, scalp flaps and scalp reduction offer unique benefit and are suited for different cases. The surgeon suggests the best treatment option after an assessment of the baldness and its severity. Let’s take a look at these hair transplant treatments that transform one’s look and permanently treat baldness.

Chapter 1: Methods Of Hair Fall Treatment

Chapter 2: What Is A Follicular Unit Or Grafts?

Chapter 3: Follicular Unit Extraction-Facts And Myths

Chapter 4: What To Choose FUE Or FUT? Comparing Hair Transplantation Methods

Chapter 5: Transform Your Looks With A Hair Transplant Treatment

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